MEZCOPH Common Resources

Started: January 2015 | Ended: February 2015

Major Features

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Administrative interface using active_admin
  • Test-driven development using RSpec3, Capybara, and Cucumber
  • All other responses are json and xml
  • Central source of directory information for the college's many products
  • Presented at UA Web Developer's group meeting on 2015-02-11

This was one of the first applications I worked on developing for the college of public health. They have a number of sites for projects, centers, and sections, all with their own directory of a subset of the college’s employees. To help ease updating that directory, we wanted to build something that would act as a central authority on directory information. Rails was a great choice, given my prior experience and its’ emphasis on testing first.

Given that all of the user-facing output of the application was machine readable code, writing good tests first ensured that we would have a solid API, protected against regressions.

This application was featured in a presetation given to the UA Web Developer’s group on February, 11th, 2015. The presentation is still available online if you are interested in viewing it.