Mountain West Preparedness & Emergency Response Learning Center

Started: January 2014 | Ended: March 2014

Major Features

  • Drupal 7
  • SCSS with Bootstrap 3 made theming easy using Bootstrap's pre-built, nestable grid system
  • Agile-like development methodology with high levels of customer involvement, and a short feedback cycle, losing less time to backtracking
  • Custom coding to make the horizontal accordion play nicely and a custom fallback for mobile devices
  • Mobile responsive

The center’s previous site was an almost unmaintained Drupal 6 site with a boring theme. For this project, I met with the content manager who acted as the customer and the middle-person between myself and the center. They provided a print out of how they wanted their front page to look and some direction as to it’s desired behavior.

I tried to stay within those guidelines while also making my own suggestions and maintaining university brand compliance. The center was very pleased with the result. The above dates were for active development, this is a site that I still maintain and update alongside the content manager.